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Project Type:

Redesign / Update


Home, Search & Individual Game Page Designs Completed

Special Functionality:

This design features a carousel on the homepage that would display games that were popular during that week, as well as a section that utilizes icons to list out select categories to the user.

Additional Notes:

This redesign was a group project and I was ultimately responsible for the designs of the three pages. My group and I reviewed the current website and decided that this website needed some better organization, as well as a design that would complement the content instead of forcing it all into tight groups and causing their users to possibly feel overwhelmed.


wanted the color palette for this project to be calming yet bold and eye-catching. The blues were chosen because they evoke a relaxing emotion and the red was chosen to be a bold accent color to grab users’ eyes and point them to the calls to action. For this redesign, I wanted to make it bright and bold to bring people in.

I knew that these colors would be helpful to bring attention to the parts of the site that may have been overlooked otherwise, or that were perhaps harder to locate. I also chose two of the colors – the green and blue – because they were in the site’s logo and they played off of each other well.

I really enjoyed this project, even though I was apprehensive at first about the client. I don’t know very much about games, or what users of gaming sites enjoy, so I tried to research it and bring in as much knowledge to the project as I could. I found that while I wanted to bring an experience that would guide the users through the site, I also wanted it to be visually appealing so that the content could be more easily navigated.

Original Website

Color Palette

Color Palette


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