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Broadstorm Web Hosting

Project Type:

Redesign / Update


Completed & Live

Special Functionality:

Optimized for mobile with a specialized menu.

Additional Notes:

This was a great opportunity to use CSS hexagons, which I had never used before. I also loved that I was given free-reign on the design, and came up with something that was both functional and modern, without being too complex or confusing.


The original website was outdated and written in spaghetti code, so we decided to modernize it and add in features that were important to the client, such as concise typography, a clean color palette, and a content management system to make changes easier to complete.

I was given creative control over the project, and utilizing their current color palette, I chose a specific blue tone and paired it with black, white, and a shade of grey. This made it easier to lead the user’s eye to the important pieces of information

I utilized large images and vibrant colors to bring users in and direct their attention to the most important parts of the site. All of the information is listed out clearly and concisely, which makes it very easy for users to find what they need quickly.

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