Run For a Safe Haven


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & WordPress


Run For a Safe Haven

Project Type:

Redesign / Update



Special Functionality:

This website utilized a full-width custom post type slider on the homepage, custom buckets for information on the homepage, and a custom post type built specifically for the sponsors section.

Additional Notes:

I designed this website while I was working at Digital Gear, Inc. in Sacramento, CA. I was part of the project from the beginning, and designed the site architecture, wireframes, mockups, and website. The website was developed by the entire team at Digital Gear, Inc., including myself.

The original website was a year old at the point of the redesign, and My Sister’s House, who puts on the run every year as a fundraiser, came to Digital Gear, Inc. for a redesign because they had done the website the previous year.


This year, they wanted something lively and bold that would bring energy to the site – the same energy that is seen every year at the Run For a Safe Haven.

The design phase of the project is where the true design of the site comes out. The chosen color palette was implemented, the typography was integrated, and the functionality of the website was outlined in the design to show how each piece would look and function.

This is a very complex stage and can sometimes require multiple versions before both the client and the designer feel that it is right. Designs should not only look great, but should also be functional and lead the users to where they need to go. I worked with a fellow intern, Tirzah Johnson, to program the design of the website.

This was the first project at Digital Gear, Inc. that I had worked on as the lead designer. I started at the beginning with this client: sitting in on meetings, learning about the Run For a Safe Haven fundraiser, and taking notes on what they needed and what was important to them.

I felt really close to this project, and in a lot of ways it was one of my proudest moments as a beginning designer. I spent a great deal of time working on this project, with help from other designers and programmers, and I’m extremely happy that the client’s response was overwhelmingly positive. I learned a lot about the design process and client-designer relations.

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