Sacramento Fine Arts Center




Sacramento Fine Arts Center

Project Type:

Redesign / Update



Special Functionality:

Full-width slider on the homepage; customizable buckets for content; custom content areas for member galleries, members, and the homepage slider; custom ad space in the sidebar; custom sidebar breadcrumbs.

Additional Notes:

This website was one of my first experiences building from scratch using the WordPress platform, and I learned a lot from the experience.

Project Overview Design Brief


Initially, I reviewed the original Sacramento Fine Arts website to determine the best way to move forward and what the specific needs of the client were. By doing this, it was easier to find out what the needs of the client were and what their users’ point of view was. I found that their current site was a bit cluttered and overall made it more difficult for users to easily find and identify the information that was the most important to them.

For this website, I felt that the best way to start was to rework the site architecture. This would help help users locate pages and information that were of the most importance to them. After that, I moved on to the wireframes, to create an idea of how the pages would be laid out, in terms of content, prior to implementation of the actual design.

The design phase was the most fun phase for me, as a designer, and I integrated a specific set of colors and typography to make sure that there was a consistent identity across the website. I created several custom content areas using custom post types specifically for the content of this website, which was implemented flawlessly.

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