StocktonCon 2015


Adobe Photoshop



Project Type:




Special Functionality:

Carousel-style slider for speakers; editable custom content areas; newsletter signup section; custom sponsor bucket area

Additional Notes:

While I was perusing the StocktonCon website, I couldn’t help but think about the things that I would’ve done differently design-wise, and how I could improve upon what they have. So, I decided to create my own mockups and see how it would look if I had created the site for them. I have not shown or submitted this to anyone at StocktonCon, and this is solely for my own purposes. I wantd to redesign it for myself, just as a way to see how my style differs from the styles of others.


With the current design, I thought that everything was kind of all over the place. There didn’t seem to be any cohesive elements to the site, and the color palette wasn’t distinct. I wanted to bring the important elements of the site, such as speakers, to the forefront of the user’s visual space and make it easy for them to find what they needed.


By bringing the speakers into a carousel that rotates, it became mch easier to see who all was speaking at the event. I also used the main god and blue colors to create a cohesive look that flowed throughout the design. I also created specific and distinct areas for sponsors and the newsletter, because those were parts of the site that stood out to me as important.

Original Website


Design Mockup